Friday, 18 April 2014

Less than one week away

In one week, I hope to be pretty close to landing in Dar es Salaam to visit my friends, the Rosman family.

Yesterday, I spent the morning with a 3 page shopping list in a mall. I was able to tick most of the items off the list. Puh! The next challenge will be to fit everything into the suitcase....
I also took my last immunization , Rabies 3. That was my 7th! Now it's only eating the Malaria pills left. Can probably wait with them until I go to Masai Mara.

In preparing for my assignment, I've started to read a really interesting and funny book called The International Bank of Bob For me, this is a totally new world that I'm trying to get to know and understand. I sometimes cannot believe what I'm reading, that so little can do so much for a family.

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