Sunday, 25 May 2014

A working day in Nairobi

I thought I would share one of those days I have here in Nairobi.

Waking up in my "tent".

Chaotic traffic. Especially one of the large junctions close to our hotel. Did they run out of money as there are no traffic lights? The other day, none could move so finally a man stepped out of the car and started to direct the others.
Alex, Luke and Raghu in our office on the 11th floor in the NSSF building in Upper Hill.

I've learned that there seems to be no numbers on the houses, just a name.
Lunch in Originelle or the restaurant that advertises that they don't use spices. What you see is a typical Kenyan meal.
A lady comes into our office at 10 and 15 with our tea and coffee. It is always based on warm milk.

Quite an impressive view from our window.
The first weeks we had a lot of interviews. Here we are talking to some WEF officers. They are the volunteers working on the ground with the women groups. Amazing people!
And then finally I arrive at "home" again. I'm living on the top floor which is 5 stairs up. Good everyday exercise :-)

Talking about exercise, at the far end of the hotel is a pool and a gym. Yes, I have been to the gym! 2-3 times a week!

We have an additional apartment for the team where we have our breakfast and dinners if we are around. Millie and Ruth are cooking for us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, interesting!

  2. Just remembered today that you have this blog, so have spend my last our reading all your stories :) Thanks for sharing! sounds and looks very interesting, looking forward for more stories.
    Take care!