Friday, 2 May 2014

Finally in Nairobi!

After over 3 months, I'm finally in Nairobi meeting the team from IBM and DOT (the organization that takes care of us here). It's been really good with the weekly meetings as it feels like we already know each other. The apartment I'm staying in is bigger than any other I've ever had... I'm not sure how to fill the space.

It was amazing when I flew from Dar to Nairobi and Kilimanjaro came up through the thick cloud layer.

A last briefing from my vacation in Dar: Yesterday Malena and I went sailing with their Hobie cat (a catamaran for you who don't know) and that was fantastic! Once we go the hang of how to tack (=slå in Swedish) with a catamaran we raced back and forth in the bay outside the Yacht club. Imagine this: warm winds, high speed over the waves, sun, warm water washing over you and a good friend to share this with. A perfect end of great days in Dar!

Tomorrow we have sightseeing in Nairobi on the agenda.


  1. Hej UB! Låter fantastiskt!!! Här snöade det lite idag ;-) Jenny

    1. Jag hörde det! Själv har jag haft en intensiv helg med sightseeing och prepp inför dagens presentation - allt i behaglig sommarvärme