Monday, 5 May 2014

C day!

Meaning that today is the first day that we are meeting our customer. Our sub team goes first presenting ourselves, our understanding of the work we are expected to do with WEF and our timeline, deliverables etc. It was a late night yesterday but a really good team to work together with.

We have had a great weekend getting to know each other and sightseeing. We also went shopping for groceries to fill our refridgerators. My favoriter place was the Dame Sheldricks elephant and rhino orphanage. We got to see elephants only a couple of weeks old as well as others up to the age of 3. After that they are put out in the will again. They were so cute and playful! If you don't know what to give as a gift, you can always adopt an elephant! I will post some pictures once I have my laptop again. My safe stopped working so my valuables are camping in a safe of a colleaugue right now.

I heard it was snowing in Sweden this last weekend.... The rainseason seems to be kind here as well and we are instead enjoying nice summerdays like the ones I'm hoping for in Sweden this summer.

#ibmcsc Kenya

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  1. Spännande - då är ni igång alltså :)! Ska bli kul att följa via bloggen!